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Your One-Stop Shop For Pre-Employment Background Checks


Verify is a leader in pre-employment background checks across Australia and New Zealand. With over 100 services, we help businesses take the guesswork out of the most critical stage of the talent acquisition process.

Our extensive service empowers employers to check candidates and employees to ensure they have the appropriate licences, permits or background to perform their role.


The new Verify candidate portal

The new Verify candidate portal – a game changer for the employee verification industry


Verify has launched a new candidate portal to provide a better experience for your candidates, helping you to hire faster. Your candidates can now:

  • Enjoy a faster, simpler experience
  • Enter their data only once
  • Have their ID verified instantly
  • Access the portal on their mobile devices

To find out more about the new candidate portal, contact us.


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We are committed to ensuring your candidates have a great experience throughout the screening process to help you get to hire faster.