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Verify provides Australia's most comprehensive range of candidate and employee background check services to assist organisations confirm the skills, qualifications, experience and suitability of job candidates or existing staff. Verify can complement the assessments already undertaken or can simply manage the whole process for you.


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Verify offer a number of services designed to validate and authenticate a prospective employee's identity. By using Verify's comprehensive identity screening services you are able to make well informed employment decisions and mitigate business risk by knowing exactly who you are investing in. More info

  • Premium Identity Verification
  • Essential Identity Verification
  • 100 Point Identity Verification
  • 140 Point Identity Verification


Mitigate your business risk by conducting Criminal Record Checks/Police Checks through Verify. Whether the police checks are for mandatory compliance purposes or your organisation's piece of mind, Verify can provide fast, accurate and convenient criminal record results. Verify is an accredited CrimTrac broker and as part of the Veda Group has access to the most up to date terrorism and criminal history/police check results. More info

  • Criminal Record Check/Police Check (Name Based)
  • Criminal Record Check/Police Check (Fingerprint Based)
  • Court Record Check
  • International Terrorism Check
  • International Criminal Record Check


Verify offer a range of Performance History checks conducted by our expert consultants aimed at quantifying your candidate's performance within their previous or current workplace. Designed to encapsulate a detailed account of a candidate's past work history and performance, Verify has designed a set of detailed behavioural based reference checks along with a range of other performance based background checks to enquire into workplace behaviours and trends. More info

  • Online Reference Check
  • Behavioural Reference Check
  • Employment History Check
  • Workers Compensation Check
  • Exit Interviews
  • Global Media Search
  • Short List Screening
  • Resume Collection


Verify offer a wide range of medical assessments specifically aimed at assessing your current or potential employee's ability to perform their role. These assessments are designed by workplace healthcare doctors and are designed to highlight any areas of potential or current medical concern. Verify coordinates all aspects of the medical assessment and provides you with the most in depth information to make a well informed employment decision. More info

  • Pre-employment Medical
  • Instant Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Spirometry Testing
  • Audiometry Testing
  • Functional Muscular/Skeletal Assessment
  • and many more...


Financial record checks are crucial for individuals managing money or credit on behalf of your organisation. The information uncovered through Verify's range of financial background checks will give you an insight into your candidate's suitability for the role. Verify's range of checks are suitable for mandatory compliance purposes and can be used as source documents for ASIC Licencing, AFS Licensees and a range of other financial licences. More info

  • AFS Licensees & Authorised representatives Register Check
  • AML/CTF Global Official Lists Check
  • APRA Disqualification Register Check
  • ASIC Banned and Disqualified Register Check
  • Bankruptcy Record Check
  • Credit History Check (Individual)
  • Credit History Check (Business)
  • Other Company Directorships and Significant Shareholdings Check
  • Land Title Check
  • Liquid Asset Check
  • Shareholdings Check


Gaining an insight into your candidate's capacity for reasoning, as well as how they perceive people and the world around them, can provide you with valuable information regarding their predicted performance in the workplace and potential cultural fit with your organisation. Verify offers a range of in-depth and detailed psychometric screening instruments designed to assess intellect and personality and i9n turn, their suitability for the role within your organisation. More info

  • General Reasoning Assessments
  • Health And Safety Indicators
  • Personality Assessments
  • and many more...


Verify offer a wide range of qualification checks designed to confirm a candidate's academic qualification and any achievements they may have attained. We can complement your recruitment process by providing tailored packages specific to your business needs, allowing you to pick and choose which qualification services suit you best. More info

  • Academic Qualification Check
  • Academic Transcript Check
  • Qualification Comparison Check (International)
  • Practitioner Registration Check


For positions that include a mandatory licence for employment purposes, it is important to undertake complete licence verification. Verify licence checks are conducted directly with the appropriate licencing body to ensure that the licences claimed to be held by the candidate are both accurate and current.

Employing staff from an overseas location? Recently the Department of Immigration announced plans to fine employers up to $10,000 for illegal employees regardless of if the employer is aware of their limited work entitlement. It is therefore imperative you confirm your candidate's work rights within Australia and periodically screen these rights when your employees are in Australia under a working visa. More info

  • Entitlement to Work Check
  • Drivers Licence Check
  • Traffic Offence Summary
  • Operators Licence Check
  • Maritime Licence Check
  • Trade Licence Check
  • Construction Induction Card Check

Industry Packages

Verify background checks are accepted for a wide range of industries including the Aged Care Industry, the Finance Industry and SSAN Licences. To meet your background screening needs across the breadth of your organisation Verify can provide pre-defined background check packages or customise a background screening package specifically tailored for your organisational or industry requirements. Each package is designed to rigorously screen the background of your candidate and comply with your relevant industry standards.

As an additional service we are also able to completely streamline your recruitment process by collaborating directly with you to provide candidate on-boarding packs containing all of the necessary consent forms, contracts and company information. More info

  • ASIC Licence Package
  • Aged Care Package
  • SSAN Licence Package
  • Working With Children Package
  • Essential Package
  • Management Package
  • Executive Package

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