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For the education and childcare sector, it is vital that the employers are able to establish and maintain a favourable, safe and trusted environment for all the children and the staff likewise. Given this fact, it becomes imperative that all educational and childcare institutions background check their employees comprehensively and thoroughly. But, that is not the only staffing issue to be addressed by these institutions.

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There is a high demand for good resources within the telcos and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to source suitable talent. Companies don’t want to lose out on the right candidate due to a delay in background screening. With Verify being a big believer of quick turnaround times, exceptionally high standards of customer service, automation and technology-focused we can guarantee you would never lose out on a candidate because of us.

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The last decade has seen four distinct high profile cases where an employee misappropriated amounts in excess of $1 million in the retail sector - unfortunately, employee initiated conning continues to cost retailers millions of dollars annually. In fact, the retail industry comes second only to banking in terms of fraud. This type of fraud can cause serious damage to your business, not only monetarily, but may also cost you your customers and your goodwill in the industry.

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Research shows most organisations in health care industry are progressively moving towards mobile platforms and technology to help them in their candidate-acquisition process. Verify is cognizant of the fact that a faster turnaround time, highly accurate result and an end-to-end automated process would be key for improving the promptness and efficiency of the recruitment process. Our systems are especially built with complete state-of-the-art technology to aid with similar requirements.

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Verify appreciates the exceptional challenges transportation companies face – shortage of drivers, ageing workforce, health issues, longer working hours and working in isolation to name a few. So, it is imperative to you as an employer to get the right background screening reports in quicker time for all your prospective and current employees to carry on with your revenue generating business. With the myriad of services we provide, we are confident we can be the one stop shop for all your background screening requirements across all levels of the organisation. Verify sets the standard for tailored services, compliance support, and technological expertise.

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Individual Solutions

Networking Event



A Verify Networking Event is a fantastic opportunity for you to exchange information, concepts, philosophies and ideas with industry peers.


Verify holds quarterly networking forums in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The intent is to provide a confidential setting through which people involved in the candidate talent sourcing and/or background verification process can share and debate issues, ideas and concerns of relevance to them, and establish a network of valuable contacts.

If you have registered your interest in attending a Forum, you will receive an invite to our next event four weeks prior. 

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